Carden Foods, Inc.

Carden Foods, Inc.
441 Bucksnort Road
Griffin, GA 30224
Toll Free: 1-800-487-3530
Local: 770-227-9421

Carden Foods, Inc.The Carden Family has been selling fresh produce since the late 1800s. We have been delivering wholesale fruits and vegetables since 1943. Today we have a customer base of over 500 restaurants, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. We have a fleet of 15 refrigerated trucks delivering from Griffin to most of the state of Georgia, and a warehouse where our fresh produce is brought in and distributed daily.

In addition to our extensive line of products, we are also focusing on the changing needs of all of our customers. With this in mind we offer unlimited Customer Assistance Programs. With so many products and changes available we are happy to meet with our customers and discuss all of the different packaging and pricing options that we have available. We also provide in-service school system programs as well as providing continuing education on current nutrition and dietary guidelines to our employees.

Over the years much has changed about our business, but four generations later much has stayed the same. While we build on decades of experience, we pride ourselves in our quality products and service. We care about customers and we believe that is what business is all about.